Monday, September 27, 2010

Things are heating up.....

1. Last Friday night was the first ever Mid Atlantic Red Fruit Festival that our very own Ellen Kassoff Gray spearheaded with the DC International Food & Wine Festival.  And it was an amazing, red, juicy, tomato filled event!  The creativity of our local at-home chefs was mind blowing and I overheard so many people giving the event a big thumbs up.  My personal favorite is the above tomato tart prepared by April Fulton.  Yum!!  I had 2 helpings because it was just blowing my mind.  There was no opportunity to try everything as I was working the front door and by the time I could get inside some dishes had been cleared out!  I was a very sad panda about that, but it was amazing to see tomatoes making everyone so excited.  Here are a few other photos of the event and you can see more info on the winners here:

2.  Chef Gray was featured in a CNN piece, just today, to discuss his work with Murch Elementary School and bringing healthy food option back to the cafeteria.  You can check out the video here:  We are so happy to have an active role in the Let's Move Program and hope that we can continue to encourage other to take an active role in bettering their own children's schools.

3. And of course we continue to play in the kitchen.  We are working on some exciting new dishes and can't wait to show you what we are up to.  So stay tuned....


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