Tuesday, September 21, 2010

October = Virginia Wine Month

WINE TOUR Throughout central and northern Virginia, wineries like Barboursville Vineyards combine tasting and history.

Picture taken by Carol T. Powers for The New York Times

And as we are only a little over a week away from October 1st I thought I should let you know.  (And that is actually a pic of a VA vineyard)

This month is full of great wine-centric festivals, including the Mount Vernon Wine Festival and Virginia Wine Festival, as well as wineries hosting many events on their property.  It is worth a trip across the river to go check out some of our fine local vintages and pick up a few good bottles for all those holiday events that are fast approaching.  

We are also super excited about a documentary coming out on PBS next month called Vintage: The Winemaker's Year.  Here is the synopsis:  

Vintage: The Winemaker’s Year is a feature length documentary exploring the rapid growth of the wine industry in Virginia and its increasing impact on the state’s cultural, social, and economic landscape. The film premieres on PBS stations across the nation in October 2010 in coordination with Virginia Wine Month.

You can find further information here:  http://bit.ly/d5HKNK

Definitely something worth checking out to learn more about what is happening so close to where we live.


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