Thursday, September 2, 2010


   Featuring the talent of renowned Mid Atlantic Chefs:

Todd Gray, Equinox Restaurant
RJ Cooper, Rogue 24
Jerry Edwards, Chef’s Expressions
Beej Flamholz, Beej Flamholz LLC
Matt Hess, The Wine Kitchen
Kaz Okochi, KAZ Sushi Bistro and Masa 14
Mike Lund, Food
Chefs Christophe Poteaux and Michelle Garbee-Poteaux, Bastille

Meet The Judges

Meet The Judges of The Mid-Atlantic Red Fruit Festival’s Tomato Recipe Contest :
Bonnie Benwick {The Washington Post}
Marybeth Albright {DC Magazine}
Nycci Nellis {}
Ed Bruske {The Slow Cook}
Laura Anthony {US Botanical Garden}
Annie Lou Bayly {Daily Candy}
Julia Rapley {Vice President of Events and Sales Ronald Reagan International Trade Center}

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