Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What the Squash?!

It's October people. And October equals leaves beginning to change colors, boots and sweaters are pulled out of the nether-regions of our closets and storage container, Halloween costumes are planned, and the usual pumpkins and Jack-o'-Lanterns begin to grace doorsteps.

Pumpkin soup, breads, muffins, lattes, hell even pumpkin pizza has begun to grace every eating establishment in town.  While I am all for anything pumpkin, especially pie, there are so many other squashes out there that are with exploring.  Ever heard of kabocha squash?  If you click on that fun little menu tab above you will find that kabocha graces the Equinox menu.  Not pumpkin, acorn, or butternut, nope it's kabocha that we adore.

The varieties are endless and so I took a little inspiration from that to go outside my squash comfort zone at home.  Thus I present to you a story of "Sweet Dumpling Squash in Four Acts":

First Act: "He" was whole.

As a whole as a squash could be.

Second Act: "He" spilled his guts.

How easy it was for a squash to to let go.

Third Act:  "He" sought warmth.

He knew all squash loved a good roast.

Fourth Acts: "He" learned to play well with others.

Cranberries and squash is like ebony to ivory.

And it was delicious!


The End!

Okay I am no playwright but it was yummy.


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