Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to head to the arena, the Arena Stage that is

It was a busy weekend for the Equinox family.  Besides it being Harrison's homecoming weekend, which had Ellen busy selling cupcakes and attending all sorts of sporting events, it was also the Arena Stage's homecoming weekend as well.  But this homecoming was a celebration of the Arena Stage returning to its Meade Center location in the SW Waterfront. 

Equinox restaurant, partnered with Market Salamander, is privileged to be one of the Center's food vendors and we were down at the celebrations selling some bad ass nibbles to give everyone a taste of what....well.....what they would be tasting when they come back for a show.  Despite my lack of descriptive creativity in that last sentence it was a successful day for everyone.  Glee club performances, Mayor Fenty acting as Honorary Co-Chair, theatre tours, a sneak peek of "Oklahoma", gorgeous weather that allowed shorts and sundresses to make a final performance before winter truly sets in, and a gathering of people who love DC.  
"Oklahoma" will be playing until December 26th, and another show called "Every Tongue Confess" will be starting up November 9th.  You can find out more about current and upcoming shows here:  So head to the waterfront and check out a show and see us at the concession stand.

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