Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Boozy Success

DC had it's very own Tuesday Booze-Day (copyright Kathy & Hoda.  Thanks very much ladies), this past week in the Spirit of the Festival.  Just another great event by the DC International Wine & Food Festival.  Though this time around we didn't focus on the wine, but on the those snazzy drinks that mixologists come up with at your favorite eateries.  Equinox, Ici, Founding Farmers, PS7, and the cooking team at the International Trade Center came together to showcase a food and mixed drink pairing.  Just trying to blow people's minds and show them that mixed drinks can complement food as well, and not just lull you into a gentle buzz and give you the confidence to talk to the hot boy/girl at the end of the bar,  (though that is pretty cool) 

The variety of drinks went from sweet to spice, to straight up tequila!  That's Herradura Tequila to be exact, which was oh so smooth going down.  Other liquors of choice were Hendrick's Gin, Chairman Reserved Spice Rum, Patron XO, Woodford Reserve, and Remy Martin.  It was a great variety of spirits that elicited some major creativity from our mixologists.

Needless to say that anythings with this much booze was a success.  Though I don't think the foi gras or caramel custard hurt either.  So be on the look out for our next event as we can promise some fun if you come.  If you don't already, follow @EquinoxDC on twitter for updates on all the DC International Wine & Food Festival events among other things.

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