Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Oyster Roast!

It is officially holiday time and I am ready to get my grub on!  Bring on the stretchy pants and let's live up to the stereotype that Americans love to just pack it on.  You know what I say, they're just jealous that they don't have their own Thanksgiving and a reason to just go balls to wall, all out, ain't no shame in this turkey game, and show that stuffing who's boss once a year.  It is a special day for goodness sake, it's not like we eat like this all the time!  But we might as well have some fun with this festive caloric intake. ;)

But since we are in DC so many of us find ourselves sticking around the city, so we can save some of our money for Christmas tickets home, and without the desire or crazy crowd to induce us to cook all the fixins that we connect to the Thanksgiving holiday.  So why not say screw that and come by someplace where you know the food is tasty and you'll find common comrades around the fire.  And literally there is going to be a fire as we are starting our Thanksgiving off at Equinox with an oyster roast.  Yum!  This is a Gray family tradition, and I have included the family photos to prove it. There of course will be other traditional Thanksgiving items gracing the menu, but with Todd Gray flair that we all know and love.  Check out more details here,  http://www.equinoxrestaurant.com/menus/equinox_events.pdf , and give us a call, because we are going to be having a great time and we hope that you will come join us.        
Dad showing how it is done.

Harrison practicing his shucking skills

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  1. not related to this post but had dinner at Equinox Monday night. Amuse Bouche, Bread, cookies and jellies were wonderful. Main course of Basil Crusted Rib Eye of Australian Lamb which I had pink, was tasteless, which is pretty hard to do with lamb and all that basil. and the raviolis(?) were doughy, starchy and also tasteless. Not up to your standards. suggest you taste it again. jayrfeldman@gmail.com