Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Dishes - a must try

Summer Menu Highlights:

After an amazing staff meeting this past week, I have to highlight 2 dishes that you must try. That’s right, I’m not even asking I am demanding you to. (Pretty please? With cherries on top?)

First is the Creamy Carolina Sweet Corn Soup with the added bonus of lump crab meat, fava beans, and lemon verbana. Obviously corn is the main character but what those little added bonuses do is offset the sweetness in a very subtle way. And with summer corn starting to overflow the markets this could be the “Lady Gaga” of the menu, as in a fierce star that you must get to know now.

Second is Fettuccine with Pork Ragout, which includes chickpeas, roasted corn, and sweet garlic butter. This dish has the earthy and hearty flavors that are so often seen in the colder months and then put aside once the heat hits. But here you will find those same intense flavors, without the heaviness that can coincide with winter dishes. The sauce is light and buttery with pork that just melts in your mouth. (Now I’m salivating!) If corn soup is this month’s Lady Gaga, than this dish is like the Rolling Stones; a class act that never gets old.

So what is everyone waiting for? Turn off the computer and head down here because I know you are hungry and want to give these a try.


Below are some photos of the new Equinox!


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